Thursday, November 21, 2019

Contempary issues in change management - Major Assignment Essay

Contempary issues in change management - Major Assignment - Essay Example s for inculcating a new change management organizational culture that has, at its core, the process robust knowledge management which ensures a healthy employees’ participation through the concepts of employee empowerment and employee motivation within the ambit of a transformational approach to change management. The very first important step toward creating a change management system within any organization is the thorough assessment of the organization culture, to assess the level of change management maturity level. Such a change process will transform itself into competitive advantage only when it is properly captured, inculcated and shared and of these the very important step being the capturing of the change management system. Capturing of such a system as a dynamic snapshot -particularly in high value selling environments like the one prevailing in the Corporate Express Australia Ltd (the organization under reference) and which is at the centre of this research is highly problematic as the nature of tasks and activities within these organization are very unpredictable, complex and dynamic, dynamic in the sense because of constant, recurrent and reorganization of the organizational targets and objectives to match changing environment. Changing environment warrants capturing of knowledg e and knowledge management within the organization. Thus one should have an organizational culture that leads to the maximum capture of the environmental and business specific knowledge; ensures its total assimilation and utilizes it in making time specific effective decisions that maximize the value for the organization in its value chain-which can be interpreted in financial terminology in terms of profits and turnover on the one hand and improved or enhanced employees’ productivity and satisfaction, on the other hand. Thus organizational culture and knowledge management systems can be used as tools to target above financial and employees’ specific variables under

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