Thursday, November 28, 2019

Autobody Design - Nuccio Bertone essays

Autobody Design - Nuccio Bertone essays Auto Body Design Nuccio Bertone There have been many people involved in the evolution of the automotive design industry. Some have stood out in this field of styling and have managed to keep in mind the concerns of appearance, shape, texture and color, while and still creating masterpieces of art in design. Some of these designs are considered to have come from the country rather than the person with a vision. One such individual who became a legend in this design industry was Giuseppe Bertone. Born in 1914. 2 years after his father Giovanni Bertone set up a carriage building and repair facility in Turin Italy. Few knew at the time that Giuseppe would have a major impact on the world of design. Giuseppi known as Nuccio started to work for his fathers' business at the age of 20 in 1934 that year the Bertone Company exhibited a special-bodied Fiat Ardita, the Superaerodynamica at the Turin Auto Show. I In the years that followed WW II, Nuccio Bertone raced Fiats, OSCAs, Maseratis, and Ferraris, an activity that taught him much about aerodynamics, cooling, and vehicle dynamics. During the 1952 Turin Auto Show the Bertone Company was suffering and in need of capital to continue building the cars they were designing. Bertone watched nervously and wondered if he could even sell one of these special cars. A man came up and not only wanted to buy the cars but wanted to order 100 of each of the 2 models on exhibit that year, this saved the company and opened up the door for Bertone to continue in the design market. Later that same year Nuccio struck an even bigger deal with Alfa Romeo. II Designing to manufacturers' chassis became the basis for the Bertone designing way rather than build a car from top to bottom Nuccio was able to take current chassis and modify and add to his designs based on the cars chassis. This gave Bertone a way to make the manufacturer happy and create a vehicle that was never s ...

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