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Sun Yat-sen Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sun Yat-sen - Essay Example It was later that he studied in Hawaii in the Guangzhou Medical School in 1886. Later on he transferred to the college of medicine in Hong Kong in the year of 1892. In times when he was completing his medicine he felt the urge to change the troubled China into a better place. It was in 1984 that Sun Yat Sen stopped his medical practice and entered into the political arena of China. During this time he wrote a letter to the governor recommending different policies which could be implemented to help China thrive. But these recommendations were put down by the governor and he ended up forming an organization known as Revive China Society. It was here that things changed for Sun Yat Sen and he turned out to become a revolutionary leader. In 1894-1895 the Sino Japanese War took place and Sun plotted a revolt against the government in the capital of his province. The revolt launched by Sun did not turn out to be successful and he went into self exile after the events. Sun got publicity abo ut his targets and aims in London when he was arrested by a Chinese delegation. Although Sun easily crept away from the authorities he did get enough publicity to become an icon for the whole China. It was then that Sun returned to Japan and was helped by people who had heard of him. From 1897 Sun began his secret revolutionary attempts to dethrone the government of China. Sun after several attempts tried to turn the governors of different provinces on his side. In the early twentieth century China was ruled by the Qing Dynasty and the aim of Sun was to dethrone the dynasty because of the miserable conditions that it had left China in. However in the early twentieth century the decreasing popularity of the Qing Dynasty helped pave ways for Sun so that he could successfully launch his revolts. The press in China got enough power to expose the Qing Dynasty and it was here that the popularity of Sun increased amongst the students. In 1904 with the help of several people and revolutiona ries Sun was able to form the United League which had to work against the Qing Dynasty. However later in the years he had to face many problems because of the league and went into despair when all the territories of China took an action against him. As he was facing problems from the territories he sought help from his revolutionaries and launched a revolt to capture the province of Ghuangzou but this attempt was again made unsuccessful. In the years following several revolutionaries took to roads and began capturing the states of China. A revolutionary group was finally able to overthrow the government in Wuhan and Sun was then elected the provisional president in the year of 1912. Sun had a weak delegation of members and hence he decided to resign in March 1912 after making a deal with a minister. Sun was later appointed as the director general of the railway development but later left the post and launched a revolt against his successor because of his alleged involvement in the a ssassination of the party’s head. The revolt against his successor failed once again and he had to suffer from other problems soon after. All his attempts to better the conditions of China were not successful and he had to face problems from his nationalist counterparts. In the latter years of his life Sun tried to organize his party but was still not able to take a good position in the assemblies of China. He died of cancer in the year of 1925. Sun Yat Sen is still remembered for his

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